Volume 14 Number 2 * Book 52 - 2010
The Evolution of Negrosanon Filipino Martial Arts *Arnis Now RP's National Martial Art & Sport *Oido de Caburata: The Precursor of Original Filipino Tapado? *Dangal: Honor and the Martial Artist *Quirks of FMA *What is Miao Tong Dao? (2) *Reverse Bridging Methods of the Internal Martial Arts *Internal-Style Iron Palm Training *Alexander L. Co: Ngo Cho Kun's Master of the Pen & the Sword *Keeping the Tradition Alive: Nam Yang Pugilistic Association *An Ancient Korean Sword Art Revived: Bon Kuk Kum *JKD & Mark Stewart Revealed *The Power of Pencak Silat *Pencak Silat Self-Defense for Beginners (6)