Volume 14 Number 1 * Book 51 - 2009
Feet of Fury: A Legend Returns *Grandmaster Jose D. Aguilar and Oido de Caburata *The Esoteric Side of FMA (2): Tatang Ilustrisimo's Oracion *Filipino Martial Way: Delikadesa *Training Force in Movement with Yiquan's Shi Li *Weapons of Ngo Cho Kun *From Paper to Crystal: The Story of Chi Ching Wushu Association *The Jago: Friend or Foe? *Tapak Jagad Nyata: The Authentic Print of the Universe *Xinhui, Jiangmen: The Pilgrimage to Where it All Started *Psychological Dynamics of Self-Defense *JKD: The Art of Refinement *The Path to Martial Mastery *Pencak Silat and Its Moral Code *Pencak Silat Self-Defense for Beginners (5)