Volume 13 Number 3 * Book 49 - 2009
Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas, Sr.: In His Forebear’s Image *Wu Yihui Photo Gallery (7) *Tai Chi Push Hands (1) *Togle Sytle Modern Arnis of GM Honorio ‘Norio’ Togle *The BDU System: Making Sense of Defense *100 FMA Systems Practiced in Negros *The Secret Xingyi Form of bashi *Piecing Together A Historical Puzzle: The Fuzhou-Okinawa Connection *Sense In Nonsense: The Role of Folk History in Martial Arts *Hung Kuen Yat Gar: a Visit to the Hung Kuen Family in Hong Kong *The Importance of Sparring and Competition in Martial Arts Training *Martial Mechanics: Maximum *Results with Minimum Effort in the Practice of Martial Art (Book Review) *The Roots of Martial Arts *Safe Practices *Pencak Silat Self-Defense for Beginners (3) *Standardization at the Cost of Uniqueness