Volume 13 Number 2 * Book 48 - 2009
Master Teruyuki Okazaki: The Man and His Legacy*WuYihui Photo Gallery (6)*The Gentle Giant: Remembering GM Dominador D. Ferrer*The Making of Abenir Kali System*The Live Hand Path in Eskrima*Tagusilang: The Esoteric Side of Filipino Martial Arts*How to Channel Force from the Ground*Ancient Korean Treasure: Taek Kyon (4)*Towards a Notion of Martial Culture*The Annual International Quanzhou Wuzuquan Conference (2007)*Reality Check: Combat Sports vs. Traditional Martial Arts*Western Boxing’s Vital Lessons*Kuntao is not Self-Defense*Pencak Silat Self-Defense for Beginners (2)*Pencak Silat Art Competition*