Volume 13 Number 1 * Book 47 - 2008
Frank Bolte: My Journey Into Chinese Martial Arts *Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan *Competition Routine (5) *Wu Yihui Photo Gallery (5) *Hinalung and Pinahig: Weapon-Tools of the Igorot (2) *Aliveness: Trademark of Filipino Martial Arts *The BDU System: On Sense and Sensibility *The Hidden Roots of Modern Arnis *Is Original Tapado Dead? *The Filipino Martial Way: Hiya *Xingyi as A Development Platform for Liuhebafa *Ancient Korean Treasure: Taek Kyon (3) *Effective Forms Training *The Martial arts and the YouTube *Have You Seen the YouTube Lately? *Sensei Pat Prologo: Surmounting the Odds with Aikido *Shugyo: A Pilgrim's Thoughts *Pencak Silat Self-Defense For Beginners (1)