Volume 12 Number 4 * Book 46 - 2008
Journals from a China Journey: Thunder Path in Huangshan *Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Competition Routine (4) *Wu Yihui Photo Gallery (4) *Hinalung and Pinahig: Weapon-Tools of the Igorot (Part 1) *Resurrection: The Secret Life of Fortunato ‘Atong’ Garcia, Headmaster of Yaming Arnis *Surface Anatomy of Stickfighting *Salapid: A Formidable Filipino Martial Art Emerges *The Seven Basic Strikes of  Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis System *The Mystic Circle of Cinco Tiros *The Story of Lau Jaam *Masters Speak About Liuhebafa *Han Qingtang’s visit to the Philippines in 1964 *How He Did It: Jose G. Paman’s Ngo Cho Journey *A Glimpse of Cebuano Eskrima *Competition Maneuvers of Keluarga Pencak Silat  Nusantara (24) *Pencak Silat Sumatra and Standardization