Volume 12 Number 3 * Book 45 - 2008
Deadly White Crane Kung Fu (An Interview with Master David Ong) *Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Competition Routine (3) *Wu Yihui Photo Gallery (3) *Plates from Herbert W. Krieger’s - The Collection of Primitive Weapons & Armor of the Philippine Islands in the United States National Museum 1926 (3) *Basic Approach to Locking and Trapping *Cebuano Eskrima: Beyond the Myth - A Look at a Controversial Masterpiece *Bohol: Birthplace of Eskrima? *Liuhebafa Training Under Grandmaster Chan Yik Yan *The Late Wushu Grandmaster, Wan Lai Sheng *Ancient Korean Treasure: Taek Kyon (2) *Aikido for All *Are Forms Useless? *Journey to Sichuan (1983) - Wushu in China *In Memoriam: Guru H. Yasser Tanadjalan (1950-2007) *Competition Maneuvers of Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara (23) *Pancak & Dance in West Sumatra