Volume 11 Number 3 * Book 41 - 2007
Interview with an Authentic Martial Master: Dr. Jopet Laraya*Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (4)*Yip Man Wooden Dummy (3)*The Empty Hands of Negrense FMA*Arnis Kadena Kabaroon*The Importance of the Empty/Live-Hand of Escrima*The 16th Century Visayan Warrior*The Filipino Martial Way: Pakikisama*Tai Chi Ruler (2) Supplementary Practice for Martial Arts*Principles of Wing Chun*The KM Way of Confronting a Man with a Knife*The Non-Dual Way to Peace*Martial Arts as an Alternative Method of Fitness*Pencak Silat [PS] Maneuvers (19)*Pencak Silat & West Java Music