Volume 11 Number 1 * Book 39 - 2006
The Quest for Internal Martial Arts*Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (2)*Yip Man's Wooden Dummy Techniques*Smooth is Fast: Lessons with Blade Master Bram Frank*Original Filipino Tapado: The Ultimate Filipino Stick Fighting Art*The Evolution of Negrense MMA*Da Dao: Chinese Big Knife*Pushing Hands in Internal Marital Arts*In Memoriam: John Hu Tuan Hai*Age Cam Slow Lethal Actions*Meditations on Choy Li Fut Staff (2)*KM: Gun Defense TActics & Techniques*Looking Death in the Eye*In Memoriam: Pedro A. Reyes*Counter Strike Self-Defense (4)*Martial Artisits and Guns*Pencak Silat [PS] Maneuvers*Pencak Silat Art in West Java (2)