Volume 5 Number 2 * Book 16 - 2000
Traditional Karate: Alive and Kicking in the Philippines (Interview with Kunio Sasaki) * Offensive Simplicity * 48-Step Tai Chi Chuan (3) * Classifying Arnis * Cebuano Eskrima * In Memoriam (Rene Capampangan) * The Professionals: A Visit with the Masters and Heirs-Apparent of Chinese Kung Fu, Karate’s Sinister Sire * Break a Leg: The Seven Star Stance * Peng Jin: Like Steel Wrapped in Cotton * Pencak Silat as a Humanistic Discipline * Stickfighting and Perfected Basics * What Technique? * To Dream the Dream School of Kung Fu * Rapid Bulletin: The 6th Arnis World Championship Millennium Cup 2000 * Competitive Sport of Tomiki Aikido.