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     Published since 1996, Rapid Journal is the only martial arts journal from the Philippines. Through the years it has maintained its standard by providing quality materials on the Filipino martial artist and his practice. With topics ranging from the internal arts of Chinese martial arts, to the exotic arts of Pencak Silat, it also places much emphasis on the indigenous martial arts found in the Philippines. Over the years, it has published articles which have made its mark in Filipino martial arts writing such as the works of Felipe ‘Bot’ Jocano, Jr.’s “Arnis: A Question of Origins”; Pedro Reyes’, “Filipino Martial Tradition”, and Ned R. Nepangue’s, “Cebuano Eskrima”, to name just a few.


     A number of back issues are available while supplies last. Contact Mr. Go directly at or via his cell phone number of (0916) 425-8340. The cover and table of contents to every issue may be viewed in the Past Issues section.


Rapid Journal is now available in the US through Michael Bowers, a senior instructor of Kombatan. He can be reached (503) 657-3408. Visit their website which features all the issues available. or

Volume5 Number 3 ~ 2001
Volume 5 Number 3 ~ 2001

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